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Who Is DMC?
The Dennis McCamery Jr. Biography

Dennis McCamery began his career in radio as a technical producer while attending North Carolina A &T State University (AGGIE PRIDE!!). Dennis worked at 97.1 QMG as the promotions assistant then later moved to technical producer. As a college student, working with one of the most popular radio stations in Greensboro, NC, there was ample room to move forward in broadcasting. During his senior year, Dennis was voted Mr. Aggie and was a Dean's list recipient throughout his collegiate years. Upon graduating Cum Laude with a B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communications, Dennis began working with 101.1 WKZL as the on-air personality and technical producer. He would create various skits and vocal animations. If you were tuned into his segment you would often think there were 4 individuals present in the studio. But those were just the voices coming from Dennis. He entertained the 3rd shift which kept them alert and alive.

Dennis later moved to Miami FL to pursue his M.F.A. at Miami International University of Art and Design. While attending MIU, Dennis was also the Community Relations Coordinator for the YWCA. He would work with kids and implement various programs. He realized his desire in giving back to youth while working with the YWCA. He later began transitioning from behind the camera to in-front of the camera.

In 2009 Dennis appeared in two seasons of USA's Burn Notice as a lead extra and performed Broadway with Robert Wuhl in his HBO comedy "Assume The Position."

In 2010 he was in RTF (French Film). Later, he became the emcee for Walt Disney World's, Move It Shake It Celebrate It Street Party. In 2010, Dennis was selected to be a cast member on VH1's Tough Love Couples. In 2011 he began working with Six Flags America as their producer and emcee for a variety of shows. Currently, Dennis McCamery is the emcee of Entertainment Cruises and is producing his TV series, Belly Jelly Kids.
The Emcee

Dennis "DMC" McCamery is a professional announcer and emcee. He commands and captivates those present through his quality of delivery, articulation, rhythmic motions, and colgate smile. Dennis "DMC" connects with his audience by engaging them during his shows. He admires Bruce Buffer and calls him his TV coach. "One day, I will have a platform like Bruce Buffer. His sound and articulation is incredible. Have you tried holding your words that long…lol? It's not easy. Bruce's voice is similar to a gunshot before a track race. It's like… his voice ignites those who are listening." Dennis says. There aren't any professional black announcers on that spectrum. He hopes to be the first of many.

As an African-American, he is the realized aspiration of Walt Disney World to be the playground of the world’s children, young and old. DMC, has also managed to update the repertoire of Disney songs and dances with an appropriate urban flare. From energetic Latin salsa steps to the “Goofy Leg” inspired by a recent Hip Hop dance. Thumbs ups from crowd members as well as lines for meet and greets and photos ops are a tribute to DMC's, welcomed and much appreciated presence.

Dennis "DMC" McCamery, has used his personal experiences and triumphs as the foundation for his motivational speaking sessions. He uses speaking engagements and mentoring sessions to instill the values of hard work and the passion to pursue one’s talents. Dennis "DMC" McCamery. has worked hard to carve a new niche at Disney’s Magic Kingdom through a new moving and shaking of “tail feathers and mouse ears” all can enjoy and looks forward to continuing his mentoring work with youth of all ages.
The Actor

Dennis "DMC" McCamery, is what some may consider a "Renaissance Man." His natural ability to captivate, makes him a rarity. Growing up, he performed liturgical dance in a church group, created by his mother called, "Silent Voices of Praise." Although, words were never projected from his mouth, his presence, performance, and energy moved and motivated the crowd. DMC, waited upon completing his B.S. to pursue his acting career. He's performed Broadway with well renown actor/comedian Robert Wuhl in his Hit HBO special, "Assume The Position." Dennis "DMC" McCamery, also appeared in two seasons of USA's Burn Notice. Be on the look-out for DMC's lead role in 2012.
The Filmmaker

Dennis "DMC" McCamery’s inspiration came early. At the age of 13, DMC was inspired by a visit to the set of BET’s Teen Summit to create documentaries. “I saw the cameras, floor directors, and light technicians. That’s where the inspiration and drive began.” His company, Root Productions was started in 2001 during his Sophomore year in college. It is Root Productions intension to provide “affordable videography with a purpose.” DMC, has raised over 1.4 million dollars for non profit organizations such as the YMCA of Lauderhill Lauderdale Lakes and YWCA of Greater Miami Dade, through documentaries which exemplify their change, hard work, and dedication for the community. Simply click below and view these unbelievable, emotional, and captivating documentaries. "Change begins from within."
Reality TV History

VH1 Tough Love is back with an all new twist! This time around, matchmaking mother and son team, Steve and JoAnn Ward, welcome six couples who are all on the brink of deciding whether to get engaged or break up. This local couple, Dennis "DMC" McCamery, . brews up a recipe of chic and sexy on VH1’s premiere season of Tough Love Couples. He is sure to set the tube on fire with his blazing romance, bringing to the small screen real life love drama all in the hopes of finding a happy ending. DMC, brings passion, culture and swag.

Who said Tough Love isn’t sexy?!!!
On-Air Personality

Dennis began his career in radio as a technical producer while attending NC A&T SU at 97.1 WQMG. Excited at the opportunity, he wanted to impress his superiors, staying late hours of the night he began creating a fictitious show “The Jungle Session with the Jungle Man.” This included jingles, skits, interviews, etc. He wrote, produced, and created every vocal and skit. Impressed by his many talents, DMC was considered the next Jamie Foxx of radio. Dennis "DMC" McCamery, was given the opportunity to host the 3rd shift on WKZL He called it, "The Jungle Session." Little did he know, what was once fiction came to fruition. Dennis "DMC" McCamery has hosted and produced shows for WZTK, WTPS in Miami, Tom Joyner and Kelloggs. Listen to his HILARIOUS animations and Smooth R&B sound. His name isn't Jamie but he's a FOX!!!

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