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Dennis McCamery Jr. is a mover and shaker who now calls Walt Disney World his home. As the primary emcee for the Magic Kingdom’s newest parade, the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party, Mr. McCamery manages to pack his intense passion for making people happy into fifteen 40-minute shows every week. His non-stop singing and dancing routine invites Disney park visitors to take a break from the rides and lines to enjoy a unique street party.

As an African-American, he is the realized aspiration of Walt Disney World to be the playground of the world’s children, young and old. Mr. McCamery has also managed to update the repertoire of Disney songs and dances with an appropriate urban flare. From energetic Latin salsa steps to the “Goofy Leg” inspired by a recent Hip Hop dance. Thumbs ups from crowd members as well as lines for meet and greets and photos ops are a tribute to Mr. McCamery’s welcomed and much appreciated presence. Mr. McCamery has used his personal experiences and triumphs as the foundation for his motivational speaking sessions. He uses speaking engagements and mentoring sessions to instill the values of hard work and the passion to pursue one’s talents. Dennis McCamery Jr. has worked hard to carve a new niche at Disney’s Magic Kingdom through a new moving and shaking of “tail feathers and mouse ears” all can enjoy and looks forward to continuing his mentoring work with youth of all ages.


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