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For many years I have found myself performing on the stage of life as a great success and life changing lessons. Having been raised by my mother, she instilled the principles of hard work, dedication, punctuality, commitment, and respect in me. Sometimes she had to use her belt, but that was hard During my undergraduate years at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, I began to discover more of myself. While being a Dean's list recipient from my freshmen to senior year, being voted Mr. NC A&T, and graduating Cum Laude I was amazed of all my accomplishments. There is a motto I still practice today, "To be early is to be on time and to be on time is to be late." Although, it sounds quite simple, it's purpose is to prepare you for your next big moment, meeting, job interview, etc... Preparation was key during my collegiate years and is even more prominent today. Upon graduating, I began speaking to youth around the country about making positive life choices and preparing themselves for their dreams. The response was magnificent and youth began to take initiative in catching and accomplishing their goals.

In 2008, I further expanded my efforts to positively impact youth through the establishment of my organization, iREAL. iREAL is a comprehensive network of programs that incorporates discussions, activities and experiences relating to making positive life choices and exploring each youth's creative and intellectual potential.

Recently, I created Belly Jelly Kids Educational Fitness Fun Foundation which prevents obesity while teaching kids fundamentals, respect, organization, safety, health and nutrition combined in every movement with intervals of cardiovascular fun. This isn't your average fitness program. We target 4-9 year olds and implement the teaching of their parents in a cool fun format.

Our Belly Jelly Kids are becoming more active, alert, and organized through the rhymes and rhythms and captivating delivery of our host, DJ BJ. Overall, Belly Jelly Kids is your substitute teacher preventing obesity, bullying, and encouraging A's B's safety, and listening to mommy and daddy. Through performing with Walt Disney World, Six Flags America, VH1, and Entertainment Cruise Lines, I found the opportunity to express my creativity, which has encouraged many to chase their dream along with myself. I was inspired to entertain by the challenges I endured, the experiences I've had, and my desire to attain my dreams. From embellishing the truth as a kid, to discovering my hidden talents, to performing for thousands of people everyday, I have always wanted more and now am blessed to have the opportunity to encourage youth to do the same. I look forward to continuing my mentoring work through Belly Jelly Kids inspiring and educating youth around the country as well as collaborating with other youth mentoring groups and their efforts to effect change.

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